Javier’s Taco Shop

At the intersection of N Lombard and N Vancouver, Javier’s Taco Shop stays open 24 hours providing whatever delicious, hearty Mexican fare you might desire. Before Javier’s moved into the neighborhood in 2002, Mary Jane’s Doughnuts and Coffee had occupied the structure since 1991. At the time, it was a breakfast and lunch joint with gray carpeting inside and a red and gray exterior – a far cry from the medley of neon green, canary yellow, and baby pink of today. Inside, you can usually expect the warmest, friendliest staff, family-restaurant-type prices, and some educational posters about international currency and different types of chilies. As Neena D. from North Portland says, “It’s not a night to remember unless it ends at Javier’s. I’m pretty sure this New Years, I chanted ‘Jav-i-er’s! Jav-i-ers!’ on the way there.”


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