Kristin and Owen YMCA at Mt ST Helen’s

This is the side of the Lodge.   I haven’t finished putting the roofing tiles or the wood work around he windows on yet. The wood work around the windows will outline the tinfoil and divide it up in small rectangles.

I will get the description up before 6 or so this evening.



The Main Lodge at the YMCA Camp Meehan on Mt. St. Helens
This building served as the camps kitchen and dining hall for 75 to 100 campers and staff. It was heated by the river rock fire place that burned readily available wood that was chopped by the campers. Teh building’s electricity source came from a generator that was powered from a Pelton Water Wheel in the river just up the mountain. All the supplies and food that was served there was driven up the mountain road to the road’s end where it was transfered into a boat and transported across the lake to the lodge. In addition to dining the lodge was also used as a special events venue and dance hall for the campers. Campers fondly remember Miner’s night and disco competitions. The building and the entire camp was destroyed in the eruption of Mt. St. Helens on May 18, 1980.


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