Edgefield Manor


In the days before social assistance poor farms or poor houses were often set up by local governments to house not only impoverished citizens but the elderly, the disabled, and the mentally-challenged.  The stately Georgian-revival style Edgefield Manor was built in 1911 and served as the location of the Multnomah County Poor Farm for several decades. The land was a completely self-sufficient environment where residents raised hogs, poultry, grew fruits and vegetables and operated a dairy, a cannery and a meat packing plant. The farm also housed a sanatorium for the many residents who were frail and/or ill. Deaths were frequent and most of the deceased were buried in unmarked plots.

In 1962, the facility was given its current name and used as a nursing home until 1982, at which point it was closed and condemned. In 1990, the McMenamins brothers bought the land and slowly transformed it into a European-esque village offering lodging, a pub, a movie theater, a spa, a winery, a brewery, distillery, golf courses, vineyards, and extensive gardens. Edgefield is located in Troutdale, about fifteen minutes east of Portland.


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