Upcoming Schedule

Wednesday Nov 18

-presentation of Mark Dion’s museum projects

-2:45 pm, walk to OMSI

-4:00 pm OMSI movie – Adrenaline Rush

For next class:

-pitch a title for group museum project

-bring all materials needed for constructing museum display/project (work time in class)

Monday Nov 23

-Jen Delos Reyes will talk about the Open Engagement Conference happening in May 2010

-readings from Klondike by Pierre Berton (historical fiction or non-fiction)?

-pitching and voting on title for overall museum project

-work time in class (museum display projects)

-exercises by Joan and Mikhaela

For next class:

-bring a white t-shirt to silkscreen on

-post a picture and a paragraph about your museum/model on the blog (these will be used for the informational brochure)

Wednesday Nov 25

-‘work ‘n’ watch’

-work time for projects

-watching the beaver trilogy, twin-twin-peaks, triple bounce, etc.

-silkscreening t-shirts

-exercises by Hannah and Tori

For next class:

-your mini-museum models must be done and ready to present (including your t-shirts)!

Monday Nov 30

Roving Museum realized on the Max line!!  Final Project!!!  Bring your models and t-shirts, duh!

For next class:

-bring your reflections, thoughts

-snacks to share (optional)

Wednesday Dec 2


-exercises by Nik and Aria


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