julia’s final project idea

As an extension of the Timber Temple that Aria and Hannah did, we could pair off and each re-create something about Portland history (there would have to be some sort of sculpture involved) and then as a class take over a max car or tri-met bus and act as a sort of mobile museum, each pair acting as an informational podium for their bit of history. The idea being that someone could get onto a bus filled with all of these items and learn something about their town while riding around in it– almost like a strange tour bus. We could publicize the event before it happens through craigslist, fliers, our blog and our individual facebooks, perhaps? It would involve everyone paying bus fare (around 2 bucks), and could last as long as we wanted it to last, maybe the length of a class period or an entire day, dependant on everyone’s respective schedules. timber temple


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