final project proposal jacquie hill

Francis Alÿs was is a Belgium born artist that now resides in Mexico City.  Francis was originally trained as an architect and after moving to Mexico began working as a visual artist. He works in many mediums sometimes combining mediums. These include, paint, graphite, performance, photo, and animation.



An ongoing series of his titled Paseos (stolls) he takes walks to different places, thru neighborhoods clad with various props. He walked the streets of Havana wearing magnetic shoes, thru the working-class neighborhood of Pinheiros in Sao Paulo carrying a punctured can of paint and thru the parks of Stockholm connecting two buildings—one  the modern building housing Stockholm’s Museum of Science and Technology and the other a nineteenth century building containing the Nordic museum—a wearing a blue sweater that unraveled with every step.


Alÿs seems to be exploring both political and social structures in his art sometimes in an absurd way. The medium that he chooses for each project is appropriate.

images-2In his project “Fabiola” Alÿs collected over 300 replications of St.Fabiola and presented them all at once in two deep green rooms in a gallery in London. Most of them all a profile view, most of them painted although there were a few graphite replications and even a cross stitch. Most of these replications were pretty awful. Alÿs traveled around to auctions, flee markets and even garage and estate sales to find all of the replications.


In faith moves mountains in enlisted the help of over 500 volunteers and together they moved a giant sand dune in Ventanilla—a place just outside of Lima Perú—four inches.


I would like to recreate one of his projects. I think that it would be great to do one of the “Paseos” for our final project and recreation.


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