Error 404: Message Undeliverable. Please Try Again.

In class, we briefly discussed recreations involving information that could otherwise not be accessed, or received. This struck a chord with me, but I’m thinking it would be interesting to shift to reenactments of information that could not be delivered.

I have a few suggestions for how this might play out:

We could post an ad on Craigslist and/or make fliers providing a message delivery service for undeliverable messages. If needed, we could specify person-to-person or Portland area messages only. We could then work with the “clients” to deliver/recreate the message in the appropriate format. Hopefully, this would involve some direct content with the recipient (read: face to face contact) that we could document. It could take other forms, too, I suppose (i.e. e-mails, phone calls, letters).

We could do all of the above, but create some kind of hot line and post our fliers near other hot lines, or close to places where we think people might have trouble delivering messages.

We could each take some message that we ourselves are unable to deliver for some reason and recreate it in a different medium. For example, we a message that’s undeliverable through e-mail or text and with the help of screenshots we recreate what we see on the screen onto paper as identically as possible and send the paper “e-mail” through the mail. We could reenact voicemails that were never responded to in the form of video and send copies through the mail or post them on Youtube, etc.

Or we could recontextualize the messages of others(rather than our own) in this same way.



Some things to consider:
How has technology in it’s various stages hindered communication or given individuals the authority to refuse information? Some potentials: blocked text messages, failed signals, caller-ID, incorrectly typed e-mail addresses, poor Skype resolution, letters getting lost in the mail, incorrect postage, etc. Of course, there are many ways it’s revolutionized dissemination as well.

What could cause an individual to be unable to relay a message? FEAR, intimidation, no way to contact the recipient, deafness, speech impairment, illiteracy, agoraphobia, etc.


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