OMNI MAX Potential Field Trip- Mikaela Schey

The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry hosts a 5-story domed screen IMAX experience.

The most exciting-sounding show, at the time we’re scheduled for class, is the Adrenaline Rush: The Science of Risk.


This film examines why the human mind and body craves danger & what the psychological and physiological forces are behind this risk taking.

Exploring Norway’s breathtaking cliffs to the calm intensity of the Mojave Desert, we would be skydiving over the Florida Keys & experiencing the daunting task of a child’s first day of school.

Awesomely, this film also follows skydivers as they “prepare to undertake a unique scientific experiment: trying to fly the parachute imagined in 1485 by Leonardo da Vinci, the first parachute design ever recorded.”


Located at 1945 SE Water Ave.This show plays Wednesday at 4pm. $8.50 a pop. If we decide to take on this adventure, and want to say a few bucks, we could get a group discount ($5 for Harrell, $6 for students) by making a reservation in two weeks. But that would mean waiting two weeks…


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