Final Project Proposal/Field Trip/Sam Korman

Final Project: After taping an episode of “People’s Court” or “Divorce Court”, we will turn the episode into a script and reenact the proceedings. Every member of the class will be both an audience member and actor, as each person will rotate through the judge, two plaintiffs and in-studio audience.

The duration may be very long, but we may reenact the commercials as well, making the entire episode-as-theater 30-60 mins depending on the length of the original show. The venue needs to be discussed.

Field Trip: Creature Skateboards, a company who sponsors several local skaters, will have their video premier Friday the 13th (appropriate for this company’s branding) at the Clinton Street Theater. They will host 2 screenings of Hesh Law at 7:00 pm (all ages) and at 9:00 pm (21+). Admission is $3 and the crowd will be really exciting/riot inciting. You can visit for details on the event, company, and trailers for the upcoming video.

Skate videos not only draw in a local subculture, but depict the common activities and ethos of this specific group of people. Both the video and premier will serve as reenactments, which may interact as projections of each other–the crowd will interact and imitate the video, while the video will imitate and predict the behavior of the crowd like a script. Usually, a very provocative exchange occurs.


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