Isabel Menu

The finished menu for the Portland History assignment. Group: Moss, Nick, Owen, Julia. ISABELS FINISHED2


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  1. note posted in bathroom:
    In the winter of 2008, this bathroom had a momentous event for The Pearl. A man staggered into this very bathroom, so bent out of shape and thrashed by the state of his life, that he took a very large dose of heroin in this very bathroom. This man died. A paramedic was contacted, and, through the magic of modern medicine, brought this man back to life. However, he has not been forgotten. Before the designer stores and high-end restaurants moved into this neighborhood in droves, this was no oddity. The industrial ghetto that northwest Portland used to be is no secret. People lost their homes because of the rise in prices, and foot by foot, mile by mile, the NW corner of the city was changed forever. Let this be a reminder to Portland. The dangers of homelessness and hard drug addiction still thrive, and no amount of neighborhood renovation will change that. Only people helping people can change that.

    Remember that we still need each other.

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