Bik Van Der Pol by Joan Lawry

Bik Van Der Pol
By Joan Lawry

Bik Van Der Pol is not one artist but two, Liesbeth Bik and Jos Der Pol. Together they made an online book of 364 pages. The book consist of several different statements. There is public sculpture, where they got a group of students to stand on a pier in the middle of a lake to represent the park where they are, Lyons cinemas and things with Lyons in the logo. They move on to go into public arena where student are throwing a giant ball around.
The arena is a park that is only half finished do to disputes between two different sports teams. The teams could not come to an agreement of who should be able to play when. Because of the dispute the park was never finished and the space was forgotten and never used. Later he goes into 1440 minutes of the development of a site.
1440 minutes of the development of a site is in honor of free speech. They believe that since 911 freedom of speech has been in jeopardy. In the middle of a gazebo a clock is counting down time for a site that will be completed at the end of the count down. The sign is more in reference to anticipation of something that should happen and not of something that actually is happening. Nothing is expected to be done yet they anticipate something should be done for the right of free speech in New Zealand. Even though this is in New Zealand it is all around the world that the voice of the people have been silenced.
Bik Van Der Pol have several sights like these in the book most of which represent public rights and desire. They even go into remote areas that are not near cinema and set up a temporary film festival. They bring a projector and create a make shift screen and invite the community to come and see the films they bring. They travel all over delivering such entertainment for the communities. They call this the night comers


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