Moss Gally CV

Moss Gally

(971) 226-9412

April 28th, 1988, 1:51 pm, Pasadena CA

Objective: To change the way people instinctually react to the world around them.


– 12 years of Public school, including the infamous Arts and Communication Magnet Academy

– Hitchhiked across the Eastern shore of the Continental US, as well as through the American south, and Florida.

– Survived a New England winter living with significant other in a one bedroom attic

– Working with children ages 0 through 17.

– Backpacking through the Grand Canyon

– Vicarious life education through immediate family

– Every love I’ve ever had.

Previous Projects

– Birthday Balloon giveaway project

Fast talking friends into giving away as many balloons as they are old to strangers.

– Various Forum Theater work

Gossip (ACMA ’05) , Safe; a memoir of one woman (Prescott ’07)

–           Guerrilla Theater work

Public Transportation Transformation (Trimet ’09), Chalk the Square (Prescott ’08), Free Lunch; the Musical (Prescott ’08)

– Professional Busking

– Communal living with 5 other Women

– Poetry delivery by voicemail

– Advising 15 co-ed freshman residents for free rent (Prescott ’08)

– Free Breakfast Projects

Crepe Sunday Mornings (Prescott ’07, ’08), Breakfast Club front lawn (Portland ’08)


-Orchestrating social events  -Slack lining  – Encouraging crowds to dance  – Empowering others  – Breaking hug boundaries  – Camp counselor skills – Novice Trapeze artist  – Speaks fluent toddler  – Spoon, Clave, and Shaker player  – Full lane cyclist  – Free food location

Things that are Important to Me -Baby Animals  – Camp  – Bicycles  – Self Education  – My House  – All the Loves of my Life  – Freedom


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