Peter Fend (by James Hall)

Peter Fend has been involved with science, society, and art for many years. His unique juggling of science and art is a prime example of social practice. Fend’s projects are attempts to bond the seemingly opposite worlds of science and art by creating or repairing environmental problems throughout the world. He started the Ocean Earth Development Corporation in 1980, to help support these sometimes massive projects and also to involve other people in his work. Critic’s views of him vary from seeing him as genius lacking funds or a schemer exploiting the world of art and people’s sensitivity to global environmental problems.

His projects vary from rebuilding dams and aqueducts to projects like Giant Algae Systems or G.A.S., which is to install underwater algae-growing rigs as sources of sate energy in the form of methane and hydrogen gases. Many of his projects have fell through, causing considerable doubt of his ideas from both the science and art worlds. But whether his concerns for environmental and social problems is genuine or not, it is obvious that his unique ideas have caused more people to look at alternative ways to fix those problems and how also see how science and art will always be intertwined.


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