Laura Tourtillott

Laura Tourtillott


Life Experience:         Growing up in a Communal House                  1986-1997

                           Backpacking (John Day River, Lake Powell) 1992-1994

                           Childcare/Teaching (NWCT, Chabad, PPS)         1996-2008

                           Parenting (Single)                                             2004-presnt

                           Event Planning (Dances, Wedding, Auction) 1998-presnt

                           Queer Rights Activism (SMYRC, QYN, etc) 1996-2001

                           Loony Bin Daycare                                    2002


Performance:         Theater Acting/Directing                                    1991-2000

                           DJ at KWCW                                             1998-2000

                           SusseFusse International Folkdance Troupe  1992-1996

                           All-girl Marimba Band                                    1994-1996

                           Public Speaking (Conferences, rallies, etc)         1997-2000

                           Mistress of Ceremonies, RHPS                           1999


Training:                  Metropolitan Learning Center                           1985-1987

                           Alameda Elementary School                           1987-1991

                           Portland Waldorf School                                    1991-1994

                           Pacific Crest Community School                  1994-1995

                           Jefferson High  School                                    1995-1998

                           Whitman College                                             1998-2000

                           Multnomah County Public Library                  1985-presnt


Studies:                  Singing, Dancing, Marimba, Cooking, Sewing, Clothing Design, Dialects, Languages, Linguistics, Woodworking, History, Archaeology, Anthropology, Sociology, Psychology, Calligraphy, Lip Reading, Dramaturgy, Theology


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