crystal baxley

Crystal Baxley


Objective: Engage in an art practice that works outside of the traditional notions of “art” and “the artist” to create works that engage artist and audience in a participatory exchange

General Life Experiences

Born & Lived in Montgomery, Alabama until age 10

Moved to Portland, Oregon at age 10

Ages 16-20 also resided in Italy, Wyoming, Massachusetts and Florida

Around age 12 and started questioning traditional institutional structures like education and government (listened to a lot of “Punk Rock”)

Daughter & Sister

Educational Experiences

Strong background in basic art & design principals and Western art history beginning in high school

“Social Thought and Political Economy” major at UMass Amherst

Two terms of “Art & Social Practice” with Harrell Fletcher: “Residency” (Winter 09, co-taught by Eric Steen) and “Documentation” (Spring 09)

Experiences in Participation

Founder, Undergraduate Bureau of Participation with Ally Drozd (ongoing)

Founder, Soup & Comedy with Ally Drozd (ongoing)

Regular PMMNLS attendant, 2008-2009 season

Regular Public Social University Attendant, 2009

Contributor to Public Social University: “Friends Reenacting Friends” Summer 2009

Artist Helper to Eric Steen: “Building in the Post Apocolpyse” (Spring 09), “Art & Beer” (Summer 09), Cyrus Smith “Art Talk AM” (Spring 09), Laura Moulton (Spring 09)

Artist in Residence, 182nd & Powell Westbound Bus Stop, Gresham OR (Winter 09)

Tour Guide, People’s Farmer’s Market (Spring 09)

Seattle Trip with Mark Dion to visit Vivarium (Spring 09)

Lebowskifest Attendant (Summer 09)


Ally Drozd

Donna Eoff

Harrell Fletcher

Eric Steen

Krystal South

Judy Fleming

Rozzell Medina

Katy Asher

Caleb Dechant

Jovencio De La Paz


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